Arriving at Cancun Airport

Before you land in Cancun

When you check-in for your flight to Cancun (or on the flight) you will receive the two required Mexican forms. The Mexican immigration form is required for each person and one Mexican Customs Declaration is required per family. If you make a mistake ask the flight attendant for another, more forms are available in the Cancun airport’s immigration area as well. Remember to bring a couple pens on the plane with you!

You've landed! Time for Customs & Immigration

When you exit the plane there will be signs and airport personal showing you which way to go and immigration agents checking your paperwork to make sure you’ve filled it out properly. If all is well they will point you towards the escalator and stairs (elevators are nearby) that lead to the immigration area. There are usually more agents at the entrance showing you which line to get into.

Be sure to have passports and immigration forms ready. The agent will scan your passport, stamp it and tear off the bottom section of the immigration form(s). The part the agents hands back to you is you “Tourist Card” which you will have to give back when you leave Mexico – keep it safe! Most people fold it and put it inside their passport. If you lose it, there is an Immigration counter/office in both Terminal 2 and 3 to help you when you depart. The process of replacing a lost tourist card can take awhile so arrive at the airport in plenty of time.

Baggage claim is to your right after you pass immigration. This can be tricky at any airport as the screens are not always updated quickly and often more then one fight is using a carousel. Once you have found the correct carousel and claimed your bags, follow the signs to customs.

At the customs inspection, all your luggage including carry-ons will go through a scanner. Once you give your customs form (one per family) to the agent you’ll be asked to press a button. A green light means go on ahead and if you get the red light the agents give your bags a more thorough inspection which usually take a couple minutes.

There are bathrooms in all three areas; at the entrance to immigration, to the far right in baggage claim and and just in front of the customs agents after you are cleared.


After going through customs you will enter the area between customs and the exit where there are tour, transportation, rental car booths and dozens of time-share and tour sales people. They are experts at spotting first time visitors. Do not stop and talk to them. The best strategy is to not look around as you walk from customs to the terminal exit, rather talk to each other or if traveling alone, check your cell. They will approach you and might even say they represent us – ignore them and keep walking to the exit.

Exit the airport terminal through the sliding glass doors, we will be waiting for you outside with an orange sign with your name on it.

Remember, IGNORE anyone who approaches you inside the airport. If pressed, say friends are picking you up. Luxury Van Transportation as well as all other pre-booked transportation companies are just OUTSIDE the terminal exit.

If you can’t locate us you can get use any public telephone at the airport and dial the following local phone number: 044-998-100-0181 or 206-2526 and we will immediately assist you. You can also connect to the free WiFi at the airport and contact us via email or text to get immediate assistance.